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The recirculation of the water of a swimming pool takes place in two main ways:

  • Perimeter Overflow with Channel
  • Recirculation with Skimmers (Surface Overflows)

The equipment, the study, the design and most importantly the construction of a swimming pool has been a complex affair until now.

These two techniques largely determine the final appearance of our pool.

The perimeter overflow solution is the most appropriate, since the overflowing water carries away all floating objects, keeping the surface always clean. Water enters from the bottom creating perfect circulation. For its operation we need an overflow tank which is usually built underground near the engine room. The swimming pool gives the feeling of a small lake that integrates flawlessly aesthetically into the environment. Recirculation with Skimmers is simpler in construction and a more economical solution, since it does not need an overflow tank and is suitable for small and medium-sized rectangle pools. In this case the surface of the water is lower than the floor of the surrounding area. The water is led to special nozzles (Skimmers) that channel it to the pump. At the same time the water returns to the pool through the nossels, which in this case are placed on the wall at such a point as to create the appropriate flow for the correct circulation of water.

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