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swimming pool cleaning tablets
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Packaging: 12pcs
Price: 20 €
V.A.T. 24% included in price
Product Code: 05.008.056
Shipment weight in grams: 250
Quantity: Pieces

improve the degree of filtering, restore water clarity by trapping all kinds of particles in the filter (sun creams, dust, pollen, organic residues, etc.). Compatible with any type of filtration device. Environmentally friendly. Does not modify pH or overall alkalinity. It is recommended to clean the filter before using the product. Packaging: 12 tablets - tablet weight: 20gr


  • Immediate Action: Add two tablets per 50m 3 to Skimmer's basket
  • Maintenance: Add a tablet per 50m 3 & nbsp; to the skimmer basket per & nbsp; week
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