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An intelligent control system, compared to a simple conventional installation, integrates all the individual systems in a common network (Bus) and is the trigger of their coordinated control through a common visualization platform, easily accessible and configurable by the user.

An important sub-system is also the swimming pool. The Pool Intelligent Control system aims to make your everyday life easier, offering comfort and safety as you keep the control of the pool in your hands.

Some of the features that the Pool Intelligent Control offers are:

  • Lighting control
  • Control of water recirculation pumps
  • Hydromassage control, time control, prohibited function
  • Water temperature control
  • Control of pool water quality, PH, ORP, etc
  • Leakage Control of the Pool Engine Room
  • Error checking and immediate notification via e-mail and push notifications
  • Supervision through all available electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs as well as wall-mounted smart touch screens
  • Logging of pool water quality data, errors and all events of interest to a cloud server easily accessible by the user
  • Send e-mail updates of all recordings at pre-defined time periods


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