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Packaging: 50sqm papers
Price: 17 €
V.A.T. 24% included in price
Product Code: 05.008.232
Shipment weight in grams: 50

The Aquachek Test Kit CL-PH is ideal for those who use chlorine as a disinfectant of their pool or spa. It also includes a test for cyanic acid (stabilizer) which is particularly important for outdoor pools and spa subject to eradication of chlorine from UV rays.

simply dip a yellow paper in the pool for a second and remove it immediately. Within fifteen seconds you will have received results for your free chlorine, pH, total alkalic acid and cyanic acid of your pool.

To keep your pool clean and healthy, try water at both ends or on both sides of your pool at least twice a week. If used in Spa, we recommend trying it before and after each use.

It is also a good idea to record your results after each test.
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