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Salt Electrolysis: 25gr / 45gr, from:
Price: 1,256 €
V.A.T. 24% included in price
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Salt electrolysis is one of the most user-friendly and environmental ways of disinfecting pool water, as it greatly improves water quality, reduces 80% chemicals ( produces chlorine from salt) and simplifies maintenance.


  • reduction of chemicals (liquid chlorine) by up to 80%
  • easy installation
  • Low Operating Costs
  • better water

Technical Characteristics:

  • digital panels
  • timer/timer
  • Separate Mode: Mode Winter/Mode Summer
  • Correct Operation Indicator
  • flow indicator
  • updates when salt is required (Low Salt)
  • updates when service is required (service indication)
  • self-cleaning electrodes from titanium-10,000 hours of operation
  • Salt 5gr/l

Operating Circle

  • A small amount of natural salt dissolves in the pool water (6gr/l)
  • When salted water passes through the electrode, electrolysis converts salt into active disinfectant sodium hypochlorite, which destroys algae, bacteria and fungi and oxidizes organic residues < /li>
  • After this process the sodium hypochlorite becomes again natural salt, starting the same process
  • salted water is a natural antiseptic that prevents the formation of bacteria and algae, offering excellent disinfectant action
  • acts as a gentle mild antiseptic, pleasant to the skin
  • low salt concentration, similar to human tears, prevents eye and skin infections in relation to traditional systems
  • No "chlorine" odors caused by chlorheins

Environmental Friendly

  • salt is a natural ingredient & amp; Absolutely safe
  • The salt electrolyte constantly recycles the salt so that no residues that burden the environment
  • No additional chemical stabilization of water balance is required (included in solid chlorine) and which are harmful to the environment and health
  • sodium hypochlorite is produced during the use of salt electrolyte, so the environment is not burdened using chemicals
  • salt remains in the water with the help of a permanent closed recycling process. This allows water to remain unchanged for years
  • energy savings

Electrolysis systems can be installed in any pool, without any reconstruction work. Devices are installed in-line in by-pass points.

Κωδικός Προϊόν Τιμή Καλάθι
SSC  25 Salt electrolysis
Availability: Available in 3 to 7 working days
1,256 €
SSC  45 Salt electrolysis
Availability: Available in 3 to 7 working days
1,356 €
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